Milton Hershey Facts – What you need to know behind your favorite chocolate

A business empire dominating every chocolate produced can always be linked to Hershey’s. Who would have thought he has to endure years of failure prior to anything else. He pioneered the manufacturing of the very first chocolate to be reproduced in a massive amount of numbers. Generous donations were seen to be taking place here too. This is the reason why the entire fortune has been established and built. This is where all his fortune came from. There are still various Milton Hershey facts that have to be learned. What are these?

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More about Milton Hershey

Milton Snavely Hershey was from the central part of Pennsylvania farm. This was from Derry Township. He was born on the 13th of September in the year 1857. His parents are Fannie B. Snavely and Henry H. Hershey. Needless to say, the spirit Milton has for business is attributed from his father. His father, Henry came with a ton of venture. This is one of the reasons why their family always move from one place to the other. This features a farm and cough drop too. Since the moves they are probably popular for, the early schooling of Milton has been greatly affected. It was put into haphazard. This was the reason why it was ended just when he was already in the fourth grade.

Since then, he had to take up his apprenticeship in a newspaper company in Lancaster. This is in Pennsylvania. The mentioned was a German-American ownership. His career in the mentioned though ended quickly because he dropped a tray of type. The said was composed of tiny metal pieces which were utilized for news printing pages. This was the reason why he was fired immediately. After this, a second apprenticeship was found for him through his mother. This was the time when he worked with another person in the name of Joseph H. Royer. He was a confectioner residing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This started from the year 1872 down to 1876. It was Royer who helped Hershey to pursue a candy-making business. The same was also true with an ice cream parlor.  This was the place where the learning skills of the person came from. This was the start of the building of the candy empire.

Hershey was only 19 when he parted ways with Royer. This was the beginning of another endeavor in Philadelphia.  There were thousands of people visiting the Great Centennial Exposition. This was done with the real hopes of purchasing a ton in public. This was also the right timing for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Independence and this declaration. He got to ponder on this using the money he then borrowed from his uncle. There was also some coming from his aunt and mother. Caramels and taffy were then made afterwards. These were then sold coming from a pushcart. This happened for almost six years. In the year 1882, Hershey experienced a collapsed from working because he did this all day and night.

Interesting Facts about Rosa Parks – Her Participation in the Civil Rights Movement

Rosa Parks was born on the 4th of February, 1913. She was given the name Rosa Louis McCauley Parks. She was born from a mother who was a teacher, named Leona, and a carpenter father who was James. Rosa Parks came from various decent that included Native American, Scots-Irish and African-American. She then attended the Montgomery Industrial School intended for Girls and even Alabama State Teachers College for Negros. These are all the interesting facts about Rosa Parks.

When she was 19 years old, she got married to Raymond Parks. He was a barber. This was the time when Rosa Parks started to work in a Montgomery Fair Department Store which is seen in Montgomery Alabama. As for December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks did not agree to give her seat on a public bus. This was intended for a white passenger. Since she refused to give her seat, this played a real big part in that of the era of the Civil Rights Movement. This shared her the popularity that she somehow used to spread her principles.

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During that time, Rosa Parks was in the bus because she was about to go home. She was arrested because she did not allow anyone to take her seat for the bus. On the 5th December, 1955, there were many individuals who protested her arrest. This was related to the non-utilization of the public bus. This lead to that of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who initiated the lead for a boycott.

Rosa Parks was on a trial. This on the 8th of December. This was the time she had to purchase a $10 fine and this added a court fee for a $4 for the sum of $14. The boycott was estimated to happen for around 40,000. This involved the African-Americans who stopped the use of public bus. This was the time when Rosa Parks and her husband suddenly lost her job. This took place during the entire boycott. The said boycott lasted for around 381 days. This was the time when the Supreme Court decided to rule the public buses that can no longer be segregated.

Rosa Parks was then conceived to be the mother of the civil rights movement. She was also a member of the National Association for the Advancement of colored people, or the NAACP. She then became a secretary and as well as a youth leader. This was for the NAACP.

During the year 1987, she received a medal for the NAACP Spingarn. For the same time, Rosa, including her friend Raymond Parks, founded the Institute for Self-Development. The original purpose of this was to teach most young people regarding civil rights movement. In relation to this, Rosa also published a book. This was meant to tell something about her life. It was called My Story. She also paved way to the publishing of her memoirs which was then referred to as the Quiet Strength.

Foods to Avoid When you Have Asthma

There are many diet changes that are suggested to those with asthma. However, most people are not aware of the foods that should be avoided when someone is diagnosed with asthma. Cutting these foods out of the diet can help to reduce the frequency and the severity of asthma attacks.

Processed Foods and Salt

Patients with asthma that follow a low sodium diet for anywhere between two weeks and one month often report having an improvement with lung function and a reduction in both the frequency and the severity of their asthma attacks. Low salt diets have been shown to lessen the constriction that affects the bronchial tubes, helping to improve asthma. Most Americans with asthma actually consume at least twice as much salt in their diet than the recommended amount.

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Processed foods are also high in sodium, and cutting out processed foods makes it a lot easier to stick to a proper diet that is low in sodium. Processed foods including frozen foods, bread, snacks and even lunchmeats tend to have far more sodium in them than their more natural counterparts. It has also been shown that those that eat a lot of processed foods tend to end up not getting their basic nutrients and vitamins due to the lack of fresh food in the diet.

Eggs, Milk, Nuts, Soy and Shellfish

Many people with asthma actually suffer from unknown food allergies or food sensitivities. These food allergies and food sensitivites can often trigger an asthma attack, without the patient realizing they have a food sensitivity or allergy. For those that have asthma attacks or symptoms that tend to worsen after eating any of these foods it is always best to see a doctor.

For those that do not have a food allergy but think they may have a food sensitivity, it may be a good idea to cut one of these foods out of the diet at a time for a few weeks. If you note any improvement when going without a certain one of these foods, removing it from the diet may reduce the severity of frequency of asthma attacks.

Corn Oil, Safflower Oil and Sunflower Oil

All of these oils are high in omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids actually promote inflammation, which can lead to constriction of the airways and worsen the severity and frequency of asthma attacks. It is best to avoid these oils and stick to canola oil or olive oil.

Cutting back on these foods, and eliminating some of them from the diet, can help to improve asthma. However, these changes should never be used to replace the use of an inhaler or any other medical treatment that is necessary.