Hanging Gardens of Babylon Facts

Hanging Gardens of Babylon Facts – Connecting to the Past 

Hanging Gardens of Babylon is dubbed to be a part of one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World. Until now, the location of it is not yet fully established. Despite such though, its contribution to civilization is one of the reasons why it is still being studied and explored. There are stories saying, and these include the Hanging Gardens of Babylon facts that it stands a hundred, or more, feet. This suspends in the air. However, based on archaeological explorations done, it has been indicated that its height is rather modest. Regardless of that though, it still appears to be really impressive.

The Babylon City, which was discovered under the then reigning  King Nebuchandzennar II, would surely be an eye candy to the eyes of wanderers and travelers. Aside from the size, Babylon got to surpass splendor which any city could only hope to be known for. This is said by Herodotus who happened to be a popular Greek historian way back in the 450 BC.

Herodotus stated that the outer walls of the given city are 56 miles long. They are also 80ft thick and even 320 ft in height. It has been said that this is wide enough, for it could allow chariots of four horses to pass by each other without having a hard time, or problem at all. The city, aside from the outer walls, also comes with inner walls. While they were not as thick as those which are found outside, they are still strong. There are double walls inside them. These are temples and fortresses which come with immense statues of valuable and worthy solid gold. Aside from this, Tower of Babel, a temple for the god Marduk, could also reach heavens.

Until now, there are still archaeological excavations happening. Some of these even dispute the claims about Herodotus. There were reports saying that the outer walls are only 10 miles long and they are not even that clearly high. The narrative, as what many would like to say, does provide awesomeness of the features, but then, that is only it. It turned out strange that the city’s breath-taking site is not mentioned by Herodotus himself. Despite this, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon would still be one of the Seven Wonders of this Ancient World that is for sure.

Students who studied history surely know that the said gardens have been a gift to a homesick wife. This was related to King Nebuchadnezzar who got to rule the city for like 43 years. This started in the 605 BC. But then, alternative stories still surface and there are stories saying that the gardens were only created by the Assyrian Queen Semiramis. This occurred as he reigned for five years. This started in the 810 BC. This was still in the height of the power of the city, and it even influence the King Nebuchadnezzar who is known to be responsible in the construction of a wide array of streets, palaces, walls and even temples.